Workers’ Compensation insurance is intended to limit the employer’s exposure by protecting it from personal injury or other civil claims.

On the surface, workers’ compensation would seem to be fairly simple- someone hurt on the job has a valid claim. However, there are many facts and circumstances which can affect whether an employer is responsible for a claim.

Questions arise as to whether the person was an employee or whether the claimant was in the course and scope of the employment at the time of the injury. There could be concerns as to whether there is an actual injury or whether it was the result of a prior trauma or condition.

At The Orlando Law Group, Heather A. McLeod has dedicated her practice to the representation of employers and insurance carriers since 1994. She utilizes her experience to investigate all the circumstances of a workplace accident to make sure that the employer does not pay for claims that are not its responsibility. If it is determined that the claim is valid, then we will focus on the best methods to move the claim to resolution in the most cost-efficient manner.

Although a skilled litigator, Heather A. McLeod has also been a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator since 2003 and is able to rely on her conflict resolution skills to determine all options available for her clients. When it comes to defending cases, she finds that a solid partnership with the employer and the claims handler results in obtaining the best solutions. She is dedicated to providing the best approach for her clients and realizes one size does not fit all. As such, she is committed to providing thorough analysis during all phases of the claim and keeping her clients updated as to all events so that they can develop a result based plan of action. She is capable of handling all aspects of litigation to include at the appellate level.

The Orlando Law Group is available to handle claims from inception to Appeals. Our experience provides us the ability to handle the routine to the complex claims. We are available to handle cases in all areas of the State. We want to put our experience to work for you.

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