Orlando Rises to the Occasion


Orlando Rises to the Occasion

It is during difficult times that a person or a community’s character is tested.  Orlando rose to the occasion and took a difficult and painful tragedy and turned into more love and tolerance for its community.

The LGBTQ community in Orlando is strong and cohesive.  While it may have taken a tragedy such as the Pulse massacre for us to come together as a whole, it is heartwarming and encouraging to see the progress we have made in just one year.  Orlando is a diverse caring community and ready to help its citizens:

Following the tragedy on June 12, 2016, the Orlando United Assistance Center (OUAC) was established to meet the needs of individuals directly impacted by the Pulse tragedy.  OUAC is a place offering services and support to aid in the physical and emotional healing of those who were present at Pulse on June 12, survivors and immediate family members of those lost.

In addition to the OUAC, the LGBTQ community created an Alliance where all local LGBTQ leaders discuss the needs of its community.

The LGBTQ community and Orlando as a whole will continue to work together and make this the best place to live, work, and play.

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