Changes in Circumstances Could Modify Your Florida Child Support


Changes in Circumstances Could Modify Your Florida Child Support

You’ve gone through a divorce, which is never an easy thing for anyone. The emotional and time toll that these proceedings take on a person can be utterly exhausting. But once the judge bangs the final gavel, is there more to do, save fulfill your court-mandated obligations? Well, if children are involved, the answer to that is, quite possibly!

Child support determinations are not set in stone. There are factors which can lead to a case being reopened, and modification occurring as to exactly how much is owed. Modifications to an existing child support ruling are sought when a substantial change in circumstances occurs. This alteration will either increase or decrease the amount of child support which is paid or received by a party.

But what constitutes a substantial change in circumstances? The loss of a job, or a large promotion, is certainly the first which spring to mind. Any substantial increase or decrease in income could be seen by the court as cause to modify the existing ruling. However, it is more than just a change in either party’s income that merits such a modification. Rulings could be changed if expenses shift, such as an increase or decrease in the cost of daycare or health insurance for the child. Another example of an opportunity for child support modification comes when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school.

But, when it comes to divorced families, money is not the only factor that can be re-determined. Time sharing is also determined by the court, and can always be modified provided there be a substantial change in circumstance. The alleging party must prove that such a shift has occurred, and show the court that the requested change, whether it be for an increase or decrease of time, is in the best interest of the child.

Time and money are two factors that can prove daunting in the post-divorce landscape. If you are seeking to modify your existing child support or time management arrangement, it is important to have the input of an experienced and skilled attorney.

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